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Well, I hate to admit it but I must have been living under a rock because somehow I just recently learned about an awesome smartphone app that has been around for a while that will actually “pay” you to use it. That’s right, I said that you can actually get paid to use a smartphone application! How cool is that? The app that I’m talking about is often referred to as the “Walmart Savings Catcher App” but you’ll find it in the Google Play store or the Apple App store listed simply as the “Walmart App”. How Does Walmart Savings Catcher Work? Well, it’s actually quite simple to earn reward dollars that you can spend in any Walmart. You can even spend the money that you earn on! All you have to do is follow these simple steps: Sign up for a free account. You can do that here: Install the app on your iPhone or Android powered smartphone. After you buy something at Walmart, you simply use the app on your… Read More »

If you haven’t heard about the free WhatsApp Messenger application yet, let me be one of the first to welcome you to the coming year of 2015 by introducing it to you now. This application is an amazingly popular free texting app that has taken the world by storm because it allows users to avoid the fees that are normally associated with sending regular SMS text messages. In the United States, many cell phone service plans come with unlimited text messages as part of their bundled plans but in other parts of the world, text messaging can be quite costly. The WhatsApp application circumvents the cellular service provider’s texting fees by routing all text messages that are sent through the app over the Internet. This means that if you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot with your phone, you won’t pay anything at all to send a text message through the application. If you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot with your phone, instead of being charged by your cell phone service provider to send… Read More »

Today I’m going to be telling you about a cool free speedometer app for Google Android powered smartphones called DigiHUD. Once installed, this application utilizes the built-in GPS receiver in your phone to tell you how fast you’re going. I know this isn’t a cell phone tracking application but I like to write about other interesting apps on this website as well. Since this one uses GPS to determine the speed that you are traveling, I thought that it would fit right in here. Let me tell you how I stumbled upon this application. My son bought a used car not too long ago and we suspected that the speedometer wasn’t working properly. We weren’t exactly sure how inaccurate the speedometer was so I searched the Google Play store for a GPS speedometer app and I found this one. Once it was installed on my phone, we went for a drive and while my wife was driving, I launched the application to give it a test. The app was able to tell us that the… Read More »

The application that I’ll be telling you about today isn’t a cell phone tracking app but it does use GPS so I thought you might be interested in hearing about it. It’s called “ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner” and I think it’s pretty cool. This Price Comparison App is Simple To Use You simply download it from either Google Play or the Apple App Store depending on whether you have an Android powered phone or an iPhone. You then tap the scan icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen on your phone. You point the rear facing camera of your phone at the barcode on the package that you want to scan. You position your phone so that the barcode is centered in the scanning window on your phone’s screen and the barcode will almost instantly be scanned. The app will then determine what the product is and begin searching for the best prices in your area and online. After it has done its magic, it will tell you how many places it found… Read More »

Geocaching is a really fun hobby that you can now enjoy with your smartphone. If you’re not familiar with this hobby, let me take a brief moment and explain it to you. Basically, people hide containers which are affectionately called “caches” all over the world. There are currently over 2,000,000 of them hidden worldwide and that number is growing daily. You can find them everywhere from the urban jungles of the big city to more rural places like mountains and forests. These caches can range in size quite a bit. Some of them are old military ammo cans and some are as small as the old plastic film canisters. In some of the larger caches, people often leave little trinkets and there is usually a logbook for the people who find the caches to sign. In days past, you had to use a GPS to enjoy this hobby. You would get the coordinates of various geocaches from websites such as and you would then load the coordinates into your GPS. Then, you would head… Read More »

I receive compensation because of ads, affiliate links, or endorsements displayed on this website: Compensation Disclosure