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If you’re very familiar with this website, you know that I usually try to write about free cell phone tracker applications. From time to time, I also write about cell phone tracking apps or services that you must pay to use. My goal is to make this website one of the best places to learn about this kind of technology and that’s why I take the time to also write about paid apps. Today I’ll be writing about a service called “T-Mobile FamilyWhere”. From what I’ve been able to determine, as of the time that this article was written, the app only works for Android powered devices. The application can be installed on your phone by going to Google Play and typing “T-Mobile FamilyWhere” in the search box. It’s free to download but certain features of the app will require that you pay a monthly fee. Let’s talk about the free part first. There is a feature called “FamilyWhere Check-In” that is free. Basically, anyone who has the application installed on their phone can use… Read More »

5/17/15 Update: This software isn’t currently available to purchase. Their website currently says that they are working to improve their system and to please check back later. In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t personally use this application but I know that it’s quite popular so please read on if you would like to learn more about it. There has been a lot written about the popular cell phone tracking application called SpyBubble since it first hit the market and even more in recent months. Some people are worried that it might be a scam. This type of tracking application has been a topic of interest everywhere from the smallest of websites to the largest of television news programs. I’ve talked about it several times on my website as well. As a matter of fact everyone is talking about it! I’m sure that a lot of people, like yourself, are interested in purchasing a copy of this GPS phone tracking app but they’re a bit reluctant because they don’t want to be scammed out… Read More »

September 25th, 2013 Update: Well unfortunately, it looks like this app is no longer available. If it ever becomes available again, I’ll pop back into this article and provide you with an update at that time. November 7th, 2013 Update: Good News! I just checked and an InstaMapper app appears to be available again! It’s supposed to be up and working again by November 18th, 2013. I don’t know if the new app will work the same way the old one did or not yet. It’s worth pointing out that the old website for the original app was and they have a statement on their website that says, “Please note that other sites or apps claiming to be “InstaMapper” are not affiliated with us in any way.” November 26th, 2014 Update: I just received an email from the company that developed the new app and it appears that the free version of this app will no longer be supported. The way I interpret their email, the free app will still be available but it… Read More »

10/2/2014 Update: I’m not able to access the website for the website for this service lately so I’m not sure if they are simply having technical problems with the site or if the service has been discontinued. A UK based company by the name of Panaramix has recently added a new application to their collection of mobile tools for business that I think my readers might be interested in knowing about. Panaramix has added a mobile phone tracking application to their product line that is designed to work on Nokia mobile phones. It’s worth noting that this particular mobile phone locator was initially developed for Nokia cellular phones. When I contacted the company that developed the app, they informed me that it will now work with any Symbian S60 phones, Android 2.1 or greater phones and Blackberry with GPS phones. In my opinion, it’s about time that somebody came up with a GPS tracking application for Nokia phones. In the early days of cellular technology, it seemed like everyone owned a Nokia mobile phone but… Read More »

AT&T is really stepping up to the plate lately in terms of the number of products that they are making available to their customers that utilize GPS tracking technology. The latest of these new services is called AT&T FamilyMap. I have some good news and some bad news about this AT&T phone tracking app. The good news is that it seems to be very similar to the popular Sprint Family Locator cell phone tracking service that I quite like. Up until recently, Sprint was the only cell phone service provider to provide a family tracking application that didn’t require individual family members to download and install an application on their phone in order for it to work. Fortunately, AT&T has seems to have followed in the footsteps of Sprint with their Family Maps tracking service. More good news is that if you would like to try the service, you are free to do so for 30 days at no charge. Incidentally, Sprint only gives their customers a 15 day trial period. How Much Does The… Read More »

I receive compensation because of ads, affiliate links, or endorsements displayed on this website: Compensation Disclosure