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If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are that you got caught up in the Pokémon craze and guess what? It’s happening again! Many of you have absolutely no idea what all the hype is about so let me take a minute and explain what’s going on. In the late 90’s Nintendo took the world by storm by unleashing a game called “Pokémon”. It could be played on handheld video game devices as well as via trading cards. It was even an extremely popular cartoon on television. The premise of the game and television program is that in a mythical world, there are all kinds of mysterious creatures that inhabit the realm. The people, who are referred to as “trainers”, travel far and wide with the goal of capturing these creatures and ultimately using them to fight the creatures that are owned by other trainers. Thanks to GPS Location Apps, a New Beast Has Been Unleashed! Apps that rely on GPS for location-based services such as Foursquare and Facebook allow users to “check-in” using… Read More »

I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell you about a new cell phone locator application that everyone is talking about! This application is called foursquare. It’s sort of similar to what Google Latitude was like before it was decommissioned in the sense that it is much more like a social networking service that uses GPS tracking technology than simply a cell phone tracking application. Here’s how the foursquare location based service works. You simply use the mobile Internet browser on your smartphone to go to the foursquare website. The address for their website is: Then, download and install the application on your phone. Once the application is installed on your phone, you have the option of linking to your address book, your Twitter account, and your Facebook account. The more contacts that you have added to your foursquare contacts list, the more fun you will have with this application. Having Fun With foursquare After you have the application installed and running and you have your contacts list updated, it’s time to start having… Read More »

It shouldn’t come as any surprise when I tell you that everyone is jumping on the social networking bandwagon these days. In the beginning, there were only a couple of sites like Myspace and Facebook but now there are literally hundreds of social networking sites for people to use. Google opened the doors for an entirely new type of social networking application with their amazingly popular cell phone locator application called Google Latitude. Unfortunately this service is no longer available. This application made it possible for people to not only get status updates about what their friends were up to but also get exact locations of where their friends were hanging out. Google spawned an entirely new branch of social networking called LBS or Location Based Services. This is just a fancy way of saying that the application is integrated with the cell phone’s GPS receiver so that you can keep your friends and family apprised about your location when you’re using your favorite social networking websites. Facebook Is Officially A Player In The LBS… Read More »

11/10/2013 Update: Well, the results are in! Foursquare wins. I’ve just learned that Gowalla has shut their doors and their app is no longer available. With that being said, please read on to learn why I still like foursquare. As you read this article, keep in mind that it was originally written when the Gowalla app was still going strong. Today I’ll be pitting two popular LBS social networking apps head to head in my Gowalla vs foursquare article. Both of these applications are similar in the sense that they are location based service cell phone tracker applications that utilize the GPS capabilities of cellular phones. The first of the big hitters was Google with their Google Latitude application that transformed cell phone tracking applications into social networking superstar apps. Then came Gowalla and foursquare. They hit the market about the same time and ever since they have competed aggressively to be the winner of the “check-in” game. These applications took the popular social networking aspect that Google Latitude started out with an added a… Read More »

Nov 10th, 2013 Update: I’m sorry to say that Google has shut down their cell phone tracking service as of August 2013. If you’re still interested in learning about checking in with your smartphone, I suggest that you read Location Based Services Companies Like foursquare Are Taking The World By Storm. There’s no doubt that Google revolutionized the social networking world with the introduction of their popular Google Latitude cell phone tracker application. They weren’t the first to come up with cell phone tracking software but they were the first to combine both social networking and cell phone tracking into one fun to use package. Not long ago, while Google wasn’t looking, a company by the name of foursquare slipped in under the radar and created an entirely new type of social networking application that utilizes GPS technology. It was very similar to Google Latitude but it offered something the Google didn’t. The ability to “check-in” with your smartphone. Why I Think Google Wanted In On foursquare’s Action It’s really quite simple, Google realized that… Read More »

I receive compensation because of ads, affiliate links, or endorsements displayed on this website: Compensation Disclosure