I’ll bet there have been times when you wished you could retrieve deleted text messages from your cellular phone. Some cell phone tracking applications actually have a feature that will allow you to recover lost text messages but if you don’t have one of these apps installed on your phone, it still may be possible to retrieve this lost information.

Planning Ahead Can Save You a Lot of Time and Hassle

Let me just start off by saying that taking the time to automatically back up your text messages can be a real lifesaver. You probably do regular backups of your computer’s hard drive so why not adopt the same habit in the event that you should ever accidentally or purposely delete a text message that you find yourself needing at a later date. The best advice that I can give you is to install an application that automatically forwards all the text messages that you either send or receive on your phone to another location. This way, if you ever need to dig up an old text message that has been deleted, you’ll have instant access to it.

Some phones come with a backup or “syncing” feature built into it. In some cases, the user may have to configure the backup or syncing process or set the time intervals at which they happen. In other cases, this may be happening without you even knowing about it. Syncing is when your phone automatically creates a backup of things on your phone like your contact list, your call log, your settings, and even your text messages. I suggest that you consult the documentation that came with your phone or perhaps contact your cell phone service company to find out what you need to do to make sure that your phone is performing periodic backups automatically.

If you find yourself in the situation where you are trying to recover a deleted message, you may want to try calling you cell phone provider and asking them if your phone was pre-configured to create automatic backups of your text messages. It may not be but it’s worth a shot.

Acting Fast is Very Important if You Want to Recover Deleted Texts

If you don’t have a text message backup application installed on your phone and you find yourself trying to find a way to recover a deleted text message, keep in mind. Whether you’re going to try to use software or even hardware to attempt to recover your deleted SMS messages, you need to act fast. The reason for this is that once a text has been deleted from your phone, it could be possible for new data to be recorded over the deleted text message. Once this has happened, it may very well be impossible to recover it. With this in mind, I suggest that you use whatever method you decide on quickly to try and recover the deleted information before any new data is recorded over it and you lose it forever.

Reasons for Learning to Recover Deleted Text Messages

Maybe you have accidentally deleted an important text message from your phone. If you have, you may be able to retrieve it using one of the four tricks that I discuss in this article.

Law enforcement officials can also benefit from knowing how to read deleted text messages. It’s not uncommon for them to confiscate mobile phones during the course of investigations. If they learn how to recover deleted text messages from theses phones, the information that they recover may help them solve a lot of cases.

Method #1 to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

Regardless of your reason behind wanting to learn how to retrieve deleted text messages, you should know that it’s actually possible to do this in some cases. The first option for retrieving deleted text messages is to install a program called SpyBubble on your phone. SpyBubble’s SMS text message tracking technology is able to provide you with word for word transcripts of every text that is either sent or received on your phone regardless of whether they have been deleted or not. The way this works is when a text message is sent or received from your phone that has the software installed on it, it is uploaded to your online account. Then, if you ever need to retrieve a message that has been deleted from your phone, you can recover it by logging into your secure account. The developers of this application claim that you can even set it up to redirect text messages for you!

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Method #2 to Recover Deleted Texts Messages

This next method that I’m going to tell you about is using an app called Message Mirror. This app automatically creates a copy of all the incoming and outgoing text messages and saves them in a database on your phone. This database can even be password protected to prevent anyone from tampering with it. If this app is installed on your phone and a text message is deleted, the messages won’t be deleted from the backup message database. You can retrieve messages from the backup SMS database at your convenience.

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Method #3 for Recovering Deleted Texts

Some phones may store the text messages on what is called a SIM card which is an acronym for Subscriber Identity Module. If your phone actually stores text messages on the SIM card, it may be possible for you to recover the deleted messages using a portable SIM card reader and the software that comes with it. You simply remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it into the reader. The SIM card reader then plugs into your computer’s USB port. You can find these devices for sale online at places like Amazon.com. If you decide to buy one of these devices, be sure that you get one that comes with good recovery software. Keep in mind that these devices won’t work if the text messages on your phone aren’t actually stored on the SIM card.

Method #4 To Get Back a Deleted SMS Text

When all else fails, you may want to consider sending your phone to a data recovery company. They may have special hardware and/or software that they can use to attempt to recover data such as deleted photos or text messages that may have been stored on the phone at one point in time.

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