One of the features that I really like on my iPhone 6 is the ability to unlock it using its fingerprint recognition functionality. When I first got my new phone and discovered this feature, I absolutely loved it!

Unfortunately, this “love affair” was short lived. You see, when I first got the phone and started using the fingerprint recognition feature it was during the winter time. My hands were like baby’s hands because I wasn’t working in the yard.

When spring and summer came around, I suddenly discovered that I could no longer unlock my iPhone with my fingerprint. I had four of my fingers programmed into the phone and after a few weeks of working in the yard, none of them were successfully recognized by my iPhone.

Disappointed, I went back to entering my lock screen code until one day I found a quick and very simple solution. I initially thought that there was a problem with the actual fingerprint reader on my phone. As it turns out, the problem wasn’t my phone at all. It was that my fingerprint had actually changed slightly.

How can this happen, you ask? Well, after working in the yard and moving some metal roofing without wearing gloves, I got several small scratches on the tips of my fingers. The iPhone fingerprint scanner detected these scratches on my fingers and thought that the finger that I was using to try to unlock my phone was a different one than the one that was programmed into it.

Don’t Worry, There’s a Very Simple Solution!

I thought that because my fingers were so scraped up that I would no longer be able to unlock my phone simply by placing my finger on the sensor. Fortunately, I was wrong. All I had to do was reprogram the sensor to recognize my fingerprint as it appeared at the time, scratches and all.

Reprogramming the sensor only takes about 20 seconds and it’s quite easy to do.

  1. Tap “Settings”
  2. Scroll Down to “Touch ID & Passcode”
  3. Enter your Passcode
  4. Tap “Add a Fingerprint”
  5. Then just follow the on screen instructions

After performing this quick and simple procedure, my phone once again recognized the pattern of my fingerprint and I was able to quickly unlock it again without having to key in my passcode every time.

It’s worth pointing out that as the scratches on my thumb healed, I had to reprogram it again. This makes perfect sense. Because the scratches were no longer there, my print once again appeared different to the software.

If you’re having this same type of problem, I suggest that you take about 20 or 30 seconds and follow the procedures I’ve listed above. After doing so, you should be back in business!

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